Beautiful bespoke apps to realise your vision

We have a proven track record in producing bespoke apps for major clients in the healthcare sector, including NHS foundation trusts and professional bodies. Our apps have international appeal, delivering core processes and recommendations as well as increasing awareness of your brand. Our record is exemplary – 100% of projects have been delivered on time and on budget.

Simple, 6-step development process

1 Consultation – We will work with you to discuss your ideas, aims, vision, motivations and budget.
2 Design – During the design process we will finalise the app or system specification ensuring it meets your goals.
3 Development – By implementing the specification in an iterative way we will work with you to deliver the product you want.
4 Validation – Our online testing system streamlines installation of the product onto your device allowing you to follow development.
5 Release – We handle all aspects of product finalisation and release onto the relevant online marketplaces.
6 Support – All our development contracts come with a 1 month free-of-charge corrections period and ongoing lifetime support.

‘Off-the-peg’ bespoke for added piece of mind

We recognise that individual organisations within healthcare frequently have similar needs which is why we have developed ‘off-the-peg’ bespoke. These products allow you to combine your organisation-specific content with one of our proven app engines in order to minimise development costs.

We have developed off-the-peg for three areas – clinical guidelines, patient information and exam revision – all of which are available on iPhone, iPad and Android. Please visit our portfolio page to see examples of these products.

Clinical Guidelines

  • Content optimised for mobile devices
  • Index, search and bookmark functionality
  • Algorithms displayed as zoomable linkable flow charts
  • Your logo and organisation colours included
  • Choice of menu styles – list or map

Patient Information

  • Text size adjustment for accessibility
  • Support and contact pages
  • Categories for quick access
  • Your logo and organisation colours included
  • Zoomable images (if required)

Exam Revision

  • Best-of-five or extended matching MCQs
  • Random and topic question selection
  • Detailed statistics
  • Your logo and organisation colours included
  • Bookmark section for later review

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea for a new project, but don't know much about technology. Can you help?

Yes. We have a wealth of experience in guiding clients from the initial idea stage, though application development to global release. Even if your idea is only in its infancy we’d be delighted to see how we can help.

Do I need to have secured funding for a project before contacting you?

No. Most of our clients speak with us prior to securing funding for their project. This enables us to produce an application specification that meets their budget, and increases their chances of securing funding.

What platforms do you develop applications for?

Over 90% of junior doctors use either Android or iOS (Apple) powered devices at work. We therefore primarily develop for these platforms, but will increase our repertoire as usage patterns change. If you require development for another platform please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do I need to be connected to WiFi or cellular data for the apps to work?

No. Our apps are designed so that they work in areas where there tends to be poor data connection. This means that data stored in the apps can be reliably accessed when you need it most. For example, revision on the tube or accessing clinical guidelines in theatre.

Can you provide a demonstration of your products for my organisation?

Yes. All of the applications we have developed are available for download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you would like a personal demonstration please contact us.

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