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  • Surgical Outcome Risk Tool
    Cranworth Medical have developed a mobile app implementing the SORT on behalf of NCEPOD. The apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms and give clinicians direct access to a wealth of data to support surgical preoperative risk assessment.

Clinical Guideline Medical Apps

Having access to best-practice clinical guidelines in clinic or on the ward helps ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care. Too often the hospital IT infrastructure struggles to deliver the required information in an efficient manner. In collaboration with NHS Trusts and Royal Colleges we have developed a number of iPhone and Android medical apps to provide clinicians with the information they require at the time they need it most. Implementing your local guidelines with our cross-platform apps can be extremely cost-effective, so why not contact us now to discuss your requirements.

  • Patient Safety Manual
    Patient Safety Manual
  • Thrombosis Guidelines
    Thrombosis Guidelines
  • GSTT ThinkGlucose
    GSTT ThinkGlucose
  • RCP Stroke Guideline 2012 Clinical
    RCP Stroke Guideline 2012 Clinical
  • iResus
  • Surgical Outcome Risk Tool
    Surgical Outcome Risk Tool
  • Cutaneous Lymphoma Resource Tools
    Cutaneous Lymphoma Resource Tools

Patient Information

Increasingly, smartphones are the primary method through which patients research their medical problems. The internet is loaded with information, some of it accurate, some of it less accurate and almost none of it optimised from mobile browsing. The development of a medical app enables information to be provided in the most user friendly format, making the most out of the smartphone’s functions including email and dialing. A permanent presence on iTunes and/or Google Play increases awareness and support for the patient group. Contact us now to discuss how we can take the pain out of developing your patient-facing mobile apps.

  • Lifeblood iClot
    Lifeblood iClot
  • RCP Stroke Guideline 2012 Patient and Carer
    RCP Stroke Guideline 2012 Patient and Carer

Exam Revision

Succeeding in undergraduate and postgraduate exams is an essential requirement for career progression. Clinical commitments often limit revision opportunities and so the ability to revise anytime and anywhere is vital. In 2010 we were the first company to develop an iPhone medical app containing multiple choice questions (MCQ) and have regularly expanded our app range to encompass many undergraduate and postgraduate exams. All questions are peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy and this quality has been recognised with multiple ‘5 star’ reviews and excellent customer testimonials.

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  • Clinical Sciences
    Clinical Sciences
  • Undergraduate Finals
    Undergraduate Finals
  • Allied Health Professional
    Allied Health Professional
  • Postgraduate Medicine
    Postgraduate Medicine
  • Postgraduate Surgery
    Postgraduate Surgery